Homes for Sale and Rent by Owner

The Glen Eagle Master Association does not handle home rentals or sales.

The rentals and sales listed on this site are by owner. Please read through the following information for additional details.

To avoid problems in the rental of your unit, we would like to review the process with you:
1. You should have your local association’s current paperwork and payment in at least 60 days prior to the start of the rental period (in by January 1st for a March 1st rental.) Your local association meets with your property management company once a month to review and sign off on the paperwork.

2. In order for the local association to approve your rental, all of their fees have to be paid and current.

3. You should have the current Master Association Owner/Tenant transfer form and payment completed and into the Administration Office at least 30 days prior to the tenant’s arrival date. Tenants should not be arriving with the form in their hands expecting immediate access to the club facilities.

4. In order for the Master Association to transfer an approved tenant, all your fees to the Master Association need to be paid and current.

1. Please see current form for fee - *Social Transfer Fee.
2. Please see current form for fee - *Golf Transfer Fee.
3. $25.00 Fast Track fee for Master Association’s form, or approval form expected from your local association, received less than 30 days prior to your tenant’s arrival date
*The transfer fee is determined by the unit owner’s membership (i.e. golf unit = golf transfer fee).