It is our pleasure to welcome you as a guest to Glen Eagle Golf and Country Club!

We hope that you find the below information helpful as you prepare for your visit, and look forward to making your experience at Glen Eagle enjoyable and memorable.

  • Golf Course Dress Code
    • Proper golf attire is required for all golfers. Spike-less shoes or soft spikes are required on the golf course.
      1. The dress code is applicable to the golf course. The proper attire is to be worn at all times and members and transferees are responsible for appropriate dress for themselves and their guests. Visiting family members and guests should be told in advance what is not acceptable, such as non-dress T-shirts or denim.
      2. Management is responsible for the enforcement of these guidelines; other members should not approach the person but immediately seek management to take care of the problem.
      3. Access to the golf course will be denied to anyone not conforming to the dress code.
      4. Continued lack of cooperation will be dealt with by the General Manager utilizing the suspension and/or fining process.
      5. MEN’S attire is limited to:
        • Shirts with collars.
        • Shirts with turtleneck and mock-turtleneck collars. No muscle shirts are permitted.
        • Shirts must be tucked into slacks/shorts unless designed to be worn “out.”
        • Sweaters, sweatshirts, and or jackets must have an appropriate shirt underneath.
        • Dress slacks or Bermuda length shorts.
        • Cargo shorts are not permitted. Short shorts are not permitted. Denim shorts are not permitted. Gym shorts or bathing trunks are not permitted.
      6. WOMEN are not permitted to:
        • Wear any top that has an open midriff. Tops with sleeves can be collar-less. Tops without sleeves must have a collar.
        • Cargo shorts are not permitted. Short shorts are not permitted. Denim shorts are not permitted. Gym shorts or bathing trunks are not permitted.
  • Restaurant Dress Code
    • Proper Attire Must Be Worn At All Times In The Dining Room and Bar. 

      Jeans (denims of any kind or color), cargo shorts, short shorts, and tee shirts (except for mock turtlenecks) will not be permitted in the bar or dining room at any time. They will however, still be acceptable on the north lanai and the cave (outside the east entrance to the bar) and in the area next to the pool.

      All Clubhouse attire will, at a minimum, conform to golf course dress codes: Golf shorts or pants, shirts with collars, turtlenecks or mock-turtlenecks are required, as a minimum, at all times. Some Special events may require dress shirts and long pants for men, dresses or skirts/pants and blouses for women, and at times, jackets for men. All event advertising will include the dress code for the event. 

      At no time are the following permitted:

      1. Short shorts.Jeans of any color or style.
      2. Any top that has an open midriff.
      3. Hats or ball caps for men: must be removed at all times.
      4. Sleeveless or tank top shirts for men.
      5. Bare or just stocking feet (appropriate footwear required.)

      GUESTS & TENANTS Must observe the same dress code as members. Owners please inform your guests and tenants of the dress code prior to their arrival.

      Children under 13 years old should wear presentable attire. 
      Children 13 years old and over – adult dress code applies. 

      SPECIAL EVENTS may allow for special dress that might be in conflict of the dress code.
  • Cell Phone Policy
    • Ringers must be turned off or on vibrate inside the restaurant. Conversations should not take place within the building.
  • Smoking Policy
    • Smoking is allowed at the East end of the back Lanai.